CUSTOM.  That says it best.  I believe that a
custom is just that.  A one of a kind
MASTERPIECE!  Something special, unique,
and distinctively yours.  Noticeable from afar,
Yet classy and breathtaking up close.
We do complete restorations, One of a kind
custom,  and can fabricate just about anything
you can dream up.  Street Rods, Custom
Bikes, Hot Rods, Custom Painting and more!
What's Custom, WE ARE!
At Charley's Customs, we specialise in custom.
 If you have been dreaming of a custom paint
job, kit car, restoration, or a crazy, off the wall,
totally radical build.  Charley's Customs  will get
you driving instead of dreaming!
Our Mission Statement:
We build dreams, restore memories, and help you build what
Detroit should have.  We have the experience and talent needed
to produce a superior quality, show winning, head turning,              
All cars were created equal,  we help yours to be a cut above!
We did this Go Cart for Grand Slam family fun park in Van Buren.
More pictures in the photo album.
What's it all about?  This is a question I get all the time. People who do not have, or understand, the allure of a hot rod have
asked. "They polish and pamper their cars".  Well their not "JUST CARS".  Their priceless memories. It's not the money, that they spent, its
not the kind of car, it is "THE CAR".  It's not anything but Memories.  Whether it is new memory being made or a old one that was once
forgotten.  I have attended car shows for over thirty years, the one thing I have found is everyone comes with and leaves with more
memories.  What?  OK, let me explain.

You pass a car on the highway.  You have passed one just like it when you were five.  Flash back.  Get it now?   These "CARS" are these
people's life history on wheels.  It was grandpa's truck,  Mom's first car, see what I am saying?  You are starting to understand.  This
inanimate abject is as precious as gold, sometimes even more so.   That is what I LOVE the most.  What other job can you have that will
save a memories, that will only bring more.

Want to spend more time with your son, when he needs you the most?  Rebuild grandpa's truck in your garage together.  Then spend a
couple of Saturdays with your son at the local car show, showing off what you did together.  How much do you think that truck will mean to
him when you are gone?  
GET IT?                    PS>  Hugs are Free, Pass them out!                                    Charley.....
Rebecca and her Mother at our car show.  She
autographed the shirts she designed.  Rebecca is Five
and a Half.  Read her story below.
Still's test fit.  First time out of the crate. Custom still
and keg made for the hillbilly hot rod, by Coppermoonshilestills.com.
View more photo's in the photo album
Hillbilly Hot
Rod Shirt's

$20.00 ea.
Read the article in the
Lawrence Report;
Entitled Jim's 37 Sedan delivery
click here
Bartlesville, Oklahoma, High School Marching Band, "Bruin
Brigade", New Trailer.  I painted this in a barn.  Parents and
Students helped get it ready for paint. This is a base coat,
clear coat finish.  Pearl was added for extra pop in the sun.  
NO Stickers here!!! It's all paint.  Thanks to the parents for all
the help getting this done.
We MAKE dreams happen.  If you are dreaming of a one off
custom.  WE ARE YOUR SHOP.  Top quality work at a
reasonable rate.  CALL US TODAY!  479-544-5204  ask for
2012 Hot Rod Power Tour "Edelbrock" grand
prize winner. Carb and intake. Christi, Vic,
Charley and Lori. AWESOME people!!!!!!!!
The start of the "Long Haul "2012 Hot Rod Power Tour.  We
worked three days 24 hours straight,to get it together.  Drove
fifteen hours non stop in a car we had never driven before.
Then drove it 1443 miles in  seven days. A week long rolling car
show, Most rewarding experience I ever had!
Do it once your hooked.
9 1 8 - 8 1 3 -0 4 0 2
Kickers own John Mayer will design and install the sound
system.  Our thanks go out to KICKER for sponsoring the
Hillbilly Hot Rod
Magnaflow   will supply the
exhaust  for the Hillbilly Hot Rod.
A custom stainless steel exhaust,
with cut-outs, x pipe, and tip's.       
 Thanks Magnaflow!!!!!!!!
I did this go cart for Grand Slam family fun park in Van
Buren.  More pictures in the photo album.

 The official polish of the
      Hillbilly Hot Rod
Your Company could be a sponsor of the Hillbilly Hot Rod.  Contact
us if you would like to be a part of this build.  Limited to product we
use on this truck.  Check back often to see who joins the team...