Still's test fit.  First time out of
the crate.
Custom still and keg made
for the hillbilly hot rod, by
Coppermoonshilestills.com. View more
photo's in the photo album
Hillbilly Hot
Rod Shirt's

$20.00 ea.
Bartlesville, Oklahoma, High School Marching Band, "Bruin Brigade", New Trailer.  I painted this in a barn.  Parents and
Students helped get it ready for paint. This is a base coat, clear coat finish.  Pearl was added for extra pop in the sun.  NO
Stickers here!!! It's all paint.  Thanks to the parents for all the help getting this done.
9 1 8 - 8 1 3 -0 4 0 2
Kickers own John Mayer will design and install the
sound system.  
Magnaflow  stainless steel
exhaust, with cut-outs, x pipe,
and tip's.  

The official polish of the
Hillbilly Hot Rod
See the Artical on Hot Rod Magizines Facebook page.
    Freak Show Friday, June 27th, 2014
   The Hillbilly Hot Rod with shine still
The new "Bootlegger" cam, lifters,        
rockers, and related parts
Tires for the Hillbilly Hot Rod
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I build dream's, recreate memories,
and make people smile.  I am
blessed by God, with a talant, to
look at a car and see it, totaly
differant, unique yet not too..I want
people to stare at the car and their
eye's just keep moving....Charley
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